Our purpose is to aid dealerships in reaching sales goals using digital platforms, eCampaigns, and direct marketing solutions. Our talented team with decades of experience in the automotive industry leverages a plethora of creative methods to generate leads and help you reach your goals. Now is a perfect time to join the growing number of satisfied dealerships throughout the country who have chosen Dealers Direct U.S. as their direct marketing partner.

Conducting e-Campaigns with Dealers Direct U.S. is as easy as…

Gaining New Conquest Sales Online
Gaining New Conquest sales in this online environment requires early dealer engagement. Dealerships often need a digital marketing service like our "e-to-Key" plan to successfully launch and manage data-intensive eCampaigns.
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Market to the right people, at the right time, with the right message. With your input, we create intelligent ads tailored to your customers to help them make informed decisions. Our expert team develops digital, e-mail, and landing page campaigns to increase traffic to your dealership.

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Our "Multi-Channel Marketing Bundle" concepts target each consumer in the way best suited to drive them to your dealership. We utilize proprietary algorithms that identify specific model buyers, brand patterns, and financially relevant life changes to discern which consumers are going to buy or lease a car over the next few weeks.

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We digitally distribute your offers to as many as 200,000 online vehicle shoppers within a range of 15-25 miles to your dealership. We can drive up to 10,000 website visitors within a few days, and you can expect results of 30-70 incremental vehicle sales over a period of 8-10 weeks.

Marketing Effectively from "e-to-key"

It’s no secret customers are visiting fewer dealerships than ever before. Consumer research shows that today's automobile shopper prefers to compare brands online and only visit a dealership once they have made their decision.

Our Campaigns are Shopper Data Driven...

lady with keyIt’s our mission to convert online shoppers into satisfied buyers, so you only pay for verified New Conquest customer sales delivered through our campaigns. Your current active sales or service customers are not targeted, and we do not share leads with other dealers. We employ a zero-spam, double opt-in approach to our campaign prospect file that ensures recipients welcome your message. Our target list is responsive to online behaviors, geographic location, vehicle interests, service interests, and financing requirements. We find, track, and re-target active auto website shoppers. Throughout your campaign, we utilize Google Analytics to understand visitor traffic on your website and correlate browsing activity with subsequent purchasing propensity. Halfway through and at the end of each campaign, you will receive a report detailing your results – and we can use that information to plan even more effective future campaigns.

... and our eCampaigns are Guaranteed Risk Free

Whether you are a domestic, import, or luxury dealer, our turnkey program has proven effective for all brands and markets. There are no long-term agreements, simply results. We back it up with "No Questions Asked" Money-Back Guarantees and Performance Guarantees in writing. We fully guarantee all of our advertising campaigns because we have absolute confidence in our proprietary algorithms that identify specific model buyers. Contact us to find out how we earned our solid reputation for delivering innovative products and quality services.