How Our GeoFencing WINS

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We create a virtual GeoFence around a dealership's location to establish an audience formed by users who have visited that specific location within a predetermined timeframe.

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When a user enters the specified geographical area within the designated time frame, they will be included in a targeted audience while they are using their mobile browsers (such as Apple, Google, Bing) or through the 600,000 available apps we have access to for displaying ads, including popular ones like (Crush The Castle, Angry Birds, Ninja Dogs, and more.)

Discover how our e-campaign can efficiently connect with online automotive shoppers and boost their interaction with our dealership. Dive into the details of our GeoFencing strategy:

Apart from the email component, we incorporate an innovative GeoFencing campaign. This campaign is finely tuned to zero in on in-market consumers who are currently visiting your competitors' dealerships in person. By harnessing the power of location-based technology, we can precisely deliver personalized ads to prospective customers actively exploring their options at dealers competitors' sites.

GeoFencing & Retargeting - A Tactical Advantage Unlock the potential of GeoFencing & Retargeting to gain a competitive edge for your dealership. Here's how it works:

GeoFencing - Precision in Action We'll strategically establish virtual boundaries around your dealership's top 5 competitors. This cutting-edge approach allows us to intercept prospects actively exploring the competition for their next vehicle. Whenever someone with a mobile device crosses these boundaries, it triggers a notification that delivers targeted advertisements, highlighting your dealership's offerings.

Retargeting - Staying Top of Mind But that's not all. We won't stop at just intercepting potential customers; we'll keep them engaged. Through daily retargeting efforts, we aim to create a lasting connection between the prospect and your dealership, effectively driving a wedge between them and your competitors. This dynamic combination of GeoFencing and Retargeting ensures that your dealership stays top of mind for potential customers, increasing your chances of winning their business. Don't miss out on this strategic advantage – supercharge your online presence with our tailored e-campaign today!

Dealers Direct U.S Advanced e-Campaigns. Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and capture those valuable prospects actively shopping for vehicles at your competitors' dealerships. Our GeoFencing & Retargeting strategy is the key to intercepting and engaging these potential customers effectively.
By choosing our services, you're not just investing in Conquest Automotive marketing; you're investing in the future success of your dealership. With our precision-targeted GeoFencing and relentless Retargeting efforts, you'll be positioned as the top choice in the minds of these prospects.

Seize the moment, stand out from the competition, and secure more sales for your dealership. Get started with our GeoFencing & Retargeting services today and watch as your customer base grows, and your profits soar.


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