Automotive Marketing Evolution: Are You Prepared for Expertise?

With technology advancements and shifting consumer behaviors, the automotive sales landscape has transformed rapidly. Modern dealerships can't approach marketing the same way as a decade ago. Online product research is now the norm, with 95% of buyers exploring information before visiting a dealership. The time spent by prospects shopping for cars online has doubled in the past five years. Seize this opportunity!

More Sales, Less Investment!

Dealers Direct U.S. was founded by seasoned automotive marketing professionals with extensive experience in advertising, digital dealership operations, sales, business to retail, direct marketing, and online advertising. Our deep understanding of your goals positions us to assist you in achieving sales success through precise targeting.

Proven Sales and Results

Our strength lies in effectively reaching the right audience with the appropriate message, precisely timed. By utilizing intelligent ad concepts and meticulous data analysis, we empower prospects to confidently choose your dealership. Our proprietary algorithms identify brand trends and buying behaviors, enabling us to pinpoint consumers actively looking to purchase or lease a new or used vehicle. Through a partnership with CDK Global, a trusted third-party service provider, we confirm "in-market" conquest sales. We maintain complete transparency, outlining the entire process for your dealership upfront. As the campaign unfolds, we furnish you with Google Analytics and sales outcomes that validate our commitment. Rest assured, if our process falls short of delivering the promised sales, we offer a No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee.