As Automotive Marketers, We Continually Improve our Intelligence…
Are YOU Ready for an Experienced Approach?

The sales journey of an automotive prospect has changed. It is about as different from the buying process of ten years ago as the concept of a vertical car park is in comparison to a flat lot. As a dealer, you cannot afford to think about marketing the same way you did in the past decade. 95% of vehicle buyers seek out product information online before making a purchase, or even visiting a dealership. In fact, within the last five years, the average time a prospect spends Internet car shopping has nearly doubled. You need to take advantage of this!

You Invest Less and Get More Sales!

Dealers Direct U.S. was founded by a group of automotive marketing experts & professionals with decades of experience in advertising and digital dealership operations, sales, Business to Retail, direct marketing, and online advertising. We understand your objectives, and we know how to help you achieve sales success by more effective targeting of potential buyers.

Your Sales and Results Authenicated

The value we add is in our ability to market to the right people with the right message, at the right time. Using intelligent ad concept and careful mining of data, we can help your prospects make an informed decision to choose your dealership. Our proprietary algorithms allow us to identify brand patterns and buying cycle behaviors so that we know which consumers are currently in the market to buy or lease a New or Used vehicle. In partnership with a capable third-party service provider, CDK Global, we identify and authenticate “in-market” conquest sales, and we are 100% transparent in this process, providing the entire manifest to your dealership, upfront. As the campaign progresses, we will provide you with Google analytics and sales results that verify our guarantee. Know that if our process doesn’t deliver the sales we promised, you can get your money back, no questions asked.